Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, group sessions are no longer appropriate for training, which actually works out best for our delegates as they will receive one-to-one training from Dr Linea Strachan, with a tailored experience to meet your individual learning requirements.

The practical session will be organised for you upon booking if you wish, however full payment will be needed 6 weeks prior to this, meaning the theory course will need to be completed in this 6 week window. A model can be arranged for you if you wish, or you may want to bring a model of your own to this session.

*The model will be required to pay for the cost of the product used.*

You will be invited for a half day training session to Dr Linea’s main clinic situated in Ipswich, Suffolk which is very accessible from the A14, A12 and only approximately 1hr train commute from Liverpool street station, London.

*Full contact and locations details will be given to you upon booking*

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All courses fully accredited by The CPD Certification service and meet Cosmetic practice standards authority (CPSA) clinical and practice standards.