Mid face correction using cannula technique

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In our day to day aesthetic practice, we experience many patients who present with wanting to look more refreshed and not looking so tired. A common misconception is to address tear troughs however this alone is not always going to achieve the best or desired results for our patients.

In this course, Dr Linea looks closely at the mid face anatomy, how our mid face anatomy changes as we age and how best to treat the mid face using safe cannula technique for indications of tear trough, cheek, and naso-labial area.

Online learning of theory via recorded webinar of Dr Linea delivery Mid face correction using cannula technique course

Delegates will be individually invited to attend a half day hands on practical session with Dr Linea treating a model for the mid face, mastering cannula technique and applying theory to practical.

Course aims

  • Understand anatomy and recognise danger zones
  • Conduct a full and successful consultation
  • Managing patient expectations
  • Master cannula technique safely for mid face correction indications
  • Recognise and resolve complications

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